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Voiceovers by Dan Hurst in English or Spanish for commercials, narrations, and e-learning.


My wife and I are looking to replace our AC/Heating system. It’s apparently the one used on Noah’s Ark, and it’s about to give up the ghost.

In the process, I noticed how similar it could be to how so many people select a voiceover. In fact, it would be very easy to slide into that mode where we just go with the lowest bid, the way so many voice clients select a VO.

And that would be stupid, wouldn’t it? There are so many factors involved: the product/brand, the quality of the labor, the timeliness, the reputation and connection with the contractor, and yes, even the price. 


But for my wife and me the price is not the deciding factor. We have a budget; a fair budget. And as long as the bidding contractors aren’t too far over or under it, we’re good with that part of it.


We just want to make sure that we’re going to be happy with our decision, even 10 years from now.


But something struck me about the process of selecting a contractor.


You know, I’ve never asked any of the AC/Heating  providers to “audition” for the job. I might ask for some references (which I guess is a sort of auditioning), but I’ve never asked any of them to perform a little bit of the installation to see if I like their work, and if it’s compatible with our plans.


I never ask a painter for a customized sample of his painting before hiring him/her.


I never ask a restaurant to audition a sample of a meal before ordering.


I’ve never asked the gardener for a sample of his mowing before hiring him.


And I’ve never asked the doctor for a customized audition of his healing arts before engaging him/her.

I wonder how many of these professionals I could ask for a customized audition AND a bid to the bottom rate.

The only reason I can assume that voice talents send auditions and low bids is because they don’t believe they are professionals and worth better pay.


And P2P sites that feed that frenzy are as guilty as the participating voice talents.


Think about it. If you’re on a P2P website that let’s other voice talents underbid you, you’re part of the problem – you’re supporting the very websites that are working to undercut you (and other voice talent)! There’s no way you can justify that, I don’t care how nice, and professional, and kind, and transparent, and supportive the P2P site owners are.

And seriously, regarding clients that use such P2P sites to find a voice “that’ll do” at the lowest price – do you really want to work for them anyway? My experience has been that their lack of respect for voice talents and their neurosis for just getting the job done, are not worth the pain.


But that’s just me.