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Voiceovers by Dan Hurst in English or Spanish for commercials, narrations, and e-learning.


Most of us voiceover people live a fairly secluded life. We work in the privacy of our own personal studios. There are days each week when I see no one else but my wife (much to her annoyance, I’m sure).

It’s not something I complain about. It’s just a chosen reality.

So to have the unique opportunity to go to an annual conference for voiceover talent is pretty special. I went to VOAtlanta this year. I’m writing this on the day after the conference primarily for my own introspection, but perhaps you may find such reflection interesting.

There were four “In’s” to VOAtlanta for me.


Yes, there were several hundred voice talents and related entities at VOA, but there was still a sense of closeness and familiarity. We were, and are part of each other. We share a common ground that no one else does.

Of course there are whackos in the group. There always are in any group that size, especially among creatives. No doubt I’m one of them. But that didn’t and doesn’t diminish the bond that we share.


There are very few events where you can just walk up to a group of people, even people you don’t really know, and be included in the discussion. VOA is one of those events.

But there is another element of inclusivity. I think it was during one of the lunch breaks that the thought hit me: we’re all an integral and critical part of the marketing and educational process. Each of those sectors need voices, and can’t function properly without us. It’s nice to be needed.


It’s inspiring to learn and discover. It’s inspiring to see others learn and discover. It’s breathtakingly inspiring to realize that in three and a half days I took my career to a fresh, new level. I woke up this morning better for having been at VOA.


It’s less than a two hour flight from Kansas City to Atlanta. Yet, the flight seemed to take forever to get to Atlanta for the conference. I could hardly wait. But it seemed to take even longer to get back. I’m so anxious to incorporate what I learned and who I met into my new normal.

And so it’s on and up to my little studio to get busy with a fresh and enthusiastic challenge: to make my clients and their projects better.

I can’t wait.