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Published October 5, 2010

Wow! What a small world!

If someone had told me twenty years ago that I’d be working with companies all over the world, providing voice talent for their various media needs, I would’ve rolled my eyes and thought they were nuts.

But here it is 2010, and that’s exactly what is happening! Who knew that a guy in Kansas City could provide voiceovers for companies all over the world?

What an amazing small community this has become due to the internet and other technological advances. In the past two days I’ve had phone conferences with clients in Italy, Brazil, Chile, Honduras, England, and China! And in every case, these are clients that found my website and contacted me.

And now with Skype, I can chat with them in real time for pennies. That blows my mind. I can remember when an overseas call was over $30 a minute!

The international marketplace is changing at breakneck speed! The people that learn to relate and interact globally, and can work within the cultural and language differences, will reap great benefits.

That doesn’t mean you have to know the different languages. 80% of my international work is American English! It means you have to have the sensitivity and patience to work in a language challenged, culturally diverse, business-aggressive environment. And realize that your international clients are having to do the same.

So, for those of you seeking to make international in-roads in your business, no matter what it may be, I offer 5 things for you to consider:

1. International clients like to do business with friends. Offer the service they need, but be willing to go one step further to get to know your client personally. Almost everyone of my international clients has invited me to come visit them and stay at their house. And I have done the same for them. It’s the way business was done years ago in America.

2. International clients are as technologically advanced as you are, maybe even more. They know how to make use of the latest digital opportunities. They can teach you a thing or two to make you more proficient. And they are willing to do so.

3. International clients have access to far more people like you with your business service. They need you, but if you don’t deliver, they can find someone else in 15 minutes or less. Take care of them!

4. International clients admire your courage and determination to make it in the international business world. They know it’s tough. Once they’ve contacted you, it’s because you caught their attention. That says something!

5. International businesses are usually very successful national and local businesses. They just branched out. When you are dealing with an international client, you are usually dealing with a very savvy business person or company. Don’t BS them. Don’t be arrogant. And don’t sell them short. They know what they want and they know how to get it. If you don’t deliver, someone else will.

Oh, and one other point. International companies know each other. They’re more than happy to exchange ideas and recommendations. And that, my friend, can make you or break you!

Welcome to the wonderful world of international business!