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Published October 16, 2010

Dear New Client:

WELCOME! What a pleasure to work with you! I love new clients! I’m going to do everything I can to make you happy and glad you hired me as a voice talent! The success of your project is extremely important to me, so you can count on my attention and commitment to do my part.

Now, let’s lay down some ground rules so we’ll get along famously and you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for from me. Here are 5 things we should agree on:

1. I have one goal: to make you look good!

Tell me what will make you happy. Tell what will make your client happy – that’s what I’ll do. I believe you know far better than I do, what your client wants, so explain it to me.

I realize you are extremely passionate about your project. Tell me why. That helps me understand you and your client.

2. Tell me what you want.

Do you want a particular voiceover style or attitude? Want specific words emphasized? Tell me. Make sure I know about it.

And use words that I understand and work with. If you want me to raise or lower the pitch of my voice, say so. Do you want me to be more energetic? Tell me! Use words like friendly, deep, conversational, sophisticated, happy, announcer, intense, younger, older, excited, story-telling, hard-sell, soft-sell, mysterious, bubbly, sad, hesitant, etc. Don’t tell me to sound like I’m taller and wearing a bow tie.

3. If you’re not sure what you really want, say so!

I’m a professional, not a prima donna. I want you to succeed. I don’t succeed until you’re satisfied. I’m happy to give you various styles and approaches. I’ve got range. I can give you various reads. Just explain what you’re wanting!

But remember, my tool, my instrument is my voice. It wears out. Overuse it and it will start to sound a little different than at the beginning of the session.

4. Explain to me why you hired me. What is it you heard in my voice or my demo that sold you?

As a voice actor, I have many voice styles and elements. Yes, I have a signature sound, but even that can be colored many ways.

5. I want you back as a client. Tell me what I have to do to make this happen.

Let’s build a long working relationship.

I’m a small businessman. I make my living keeping clients like you happy. You don’t need to dangle the carrot of more business in front of me. I’m already going to give you my best, and it’s worth every penny you pay for it. Please don’t sell me short or cheapen my product. Be upfront and fair about your budget.

So, thanks for your business, my dear new client. Let’s get busy!