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Voiceovers by Dan Hurst in English or Spanish for commercials, narrations, and e-learning.


What A Business!!!

Published January 18, 2009

The voiceover business is a curious one.  We are part of a process that connects clients with customers.  Our clients use our product to paint an image for their customers.  When you think about it, it’s a pretty intense and amazing honor – your client thinks your voice is a perfect match for his/her product!

“Well, we’ve got this new line of dog food.  Who should we use on the commercial?  Hurst? Yeah! He sounds like dog food!”

“This video training to erradicate bedbugs has to have the perfect voice.  I can just hear Hurst’s voice on this.”

“We need a voice like Antonio Banderas.  Dan Hurst?  How can someone named Dan Hurst sound like Antonio Banderas?  We need a Juan Gonzales, or something like that!”

“We’ve got to sell more cars!  We need a new voice.  Hurst?  Are you kidding?  Isn’t he the guy that sells dog food?”

Oh well, maybe it’s not as awe-inspiring as I thought.