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Published October 12, 2013

One thing I’ve learned in the last couple of weeks is that quality pays off!

When I built my studio I decided to invest in good equipment, not settle for “what can I get by with.” I researched and bought equipment that I knew would create the sound that my clients would be happy with.

I put money into the structure of the studio – the acoustics, the design and the overall feel of the studio.

Yes, I made some mistakes along the way, but I corrected those as I discovered them. The result was a magnificent sounding studio that I am proud of.

But a couple of weeks ago things changed. We had a new roof put on the house. In the process, the roofers forgot to seal up a piece of flashing around the chimney that runs down along my studio. Sure enough, two days later we had a big storm – two inches of rain. All two inches of rain ran right down through my studio destroying part of the ceiling, part of the wall, and soaking the carpeting.

Fortunately, none of the equipment was damaged, but the room and the acoustics were terribly affected. Not to mention equipment that pulled out of service until the studio can be repaired.

But here’s the payoff of investing in the right equipment: I was quickly able to adapt, keep up with my work load, continue to provide my clients with their voiceover requests, and not miss any deadlines. Not only that, but business has continued as usual as I’ve picked up three new clients over the past week.

And here’s the kicker. In the middle of all the restoration process, a couple of clients have asked me to revise work that was done several months ago and I was able to match the sound of the original.

That’s what the right equipment will do for you.

Forgive my rant, but voice talents who settle for “whatever I can get by on” equipment, are not only asking for trouble, but are putting their clients in a vulnerable situation.

Voice talents: if you deserve to be in this business, you deserve to invest in quality equipment and learn how to use it. Clients: if you want consistent quality and ROI, hire voice talents that believe in themselves and in offering you great service and great equipment. It’s a win win situation.