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Published November 3, 2014

I had a great question from a client today:

“Why do you always talk about other voice talents? Aren’t you afraid they’ll steal your business??

It’s a remarkable insight when you think about it. In the normal business world, people who do the same thing you do are competitors. Competition is about winning…and losing. Tell clients about other voice talents and you could lose work.

I guess there may be some concern there. I mean, when I talk about other voice talents, it’s about great talents that I’m impressed with – talents that I would hire.

Maybe I should shut up. Maybe I should play ignorant when a client is looking for a particular voice and I know someone who would be the perfect fit.

Maybe I should…Nah. That’s not how the voiceover business works today. You see, it’s not just about talent agencies and casting websites anymore. Those each have their place, but for the majority of us, the best work comes by referral.

That’s what I love about the voice talent business!

See, we’re not all alike. We don’t sound alike. We don’t interpret copy alike. We don’t deliver alike. If I’m not the person a client is looking for, wouldn’t it be in my best interests to help my client out instead of letting him/her go through the process of listening to hundreds of other voice talents? Wouldn’t it be a mutual benefit for me to be his/her contact for a different and great voice talent that meets their demands?

A few years ago, I needed a good drywall guy to handle a rather complicated project. I asked my handyman if he knew anyone that could do that. His response was “No, but if you need me to take care of it, I will.”

I knew he couldn’t handle the project, so I went on a search. I found someone that I was sure could do the work. I was right.

After the project was finished, I asked if he knew a painter that could finish the work. He did. I hired him.

In the process of getting the painting done we discussed getting the carpeting changed…you know where this whole thing is going. My original handyman lost out on a lot of work simply because he wasn’t there for me.

Here’s the bottom line: I’m not the only voice talent any of my clients use. If I can help them meet the other voice needs that they have, I make myself more valuable to him/her, I help out a fellow voice talent, and I become the go-to guy for my client and any of his/her friends to which I’m recommended.

The good news about all of this is that I’m not the only voice talent that abides by this policy. In fact, I don’t know of a voice talent that doesn’t!

I tell my voiceover clients this all the time: If I’m not the voice you need, I have plenty of contacts that I am completely comfortable recommending.

Why wouldn’t I? It’s in my clients’ best interests.