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Red Sky At Night...

Published May 14, 2008

HA! It’s 7:30pm and I’m sitting out on the deck watching the ducks and geese fly in on the lake. The sun is just about to set. I’m thinkin’ a nice Chilean wine would go well with this.

…and up pops an email from one of my favorite clients needing a translation and voiceover first thing in the morning!

Well, that’s a problem. I’ve got stuff scheduled for the morning. Now what?

I’ll tell you what. I do the translation, run up to the studio and do the VO and hustle my butt back down to the deck in time to catch a little lavender on the lake…and a little vino in the crystal.

…and I send my client a little special note of appreciation. It’s because of him that that I can catch a moment of clarity on a perfect evening!

Today’s been one of those days. Two new clients, two clients I haven’t heard from in a while, and two regular clients, all with immediate needs. Hey! It happens. I certainly don’t blame them for their clients needs!

And the truth of the matter is it’s my job to make my clients look good to their clients!

So, what do you know! It’s a little after 8pm…the sky is still gorgeous…the birds are still singing…the ducks are settling in…I take my first sip of a 2003 Don Melchor…and…

DANG! That’s good!

I learned years ago that no client ’s needs are an inconvenience, but rather an opportunity to make my life better!