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Meet My Mom!

Published May 7, 2008

Alice Hurst.  What a cool lady!

Mom and Dad raised me in Honduras.  They were missionaries for about 724 years, give or take a few.  I was still a baby when they left the States and headed to Central America. 

It was the greatest life a kid could ever have.  I grew up in a multi-cultural world, speaking two different languages, with the freedom to run the jungles of Honduras, all under the gentle watchcare of an amazing woman who LOVED being a Mom! 

And I never lacked for anything, thanks to her! 

Remember the Nehru jackets that were all the rage about 200 years ago?  Well, you couldn’t just go out and buy one of those in Honduras.  So…my Mom made me one. 

Rice Crispy Treats.  I love ‘em.  Only problem was that in Honduras you couldn’t go out and buy marshmallows back then.  So…my Mom made ’em.

And one year when we were going to come back to the States on furlough but the different school years would have set me back a year…she taught me 7th grade just so I could start 8th grade on time back in the States.

Yup, she’s a cool mom. Always was and still is.

…but she still wonders when I’m going to get a real job.

 Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!