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Published May 3, 2009

Congratulate me, I’m a grandpa!!!

Earlier this week I became a grandpa 12 times over!!!

The Mallard that is nesting in our yard had twelvelets.  I guess that’s what you call twelve of ‘em!  And they’re awesome!!!

The mama duck let me get close enough to check ‘em out this weekend, and those little fuzzballs just came running over to check me out.  The daddy duck wasn’t so sure about me, so I didn’t overstay my welcome.

Right now I’m sitting on my deck watching them parade across the yard down by the shoreline.  What a hoot!!!

But what I really wanted to tell you about was something that I just witnessed.

I hate Starlings.  They are the most vile, disgusting, filthy birds around here.  They can’t even sing. I have no idea what they’re good for.  Except that a few moments ago a neighbor’s cat came walking down the side of the house.  The Starlings, apparently sensing some sort of danger because the little ducklings were out, suddenly went nuts on the cat.

They started screeching and dive bombing the poor cat, who I’m sure had no clue why he was being singled out.

It didn’t take long for the cat to run off, and peace and quiet returned to Hurstland.  And the little fuzzballs just kept darting every which way, oblivious to the dangerous world around them.

It occurred to me that a lot of us voiceover and translation people are like those Starlings.  I’m not sure what we’re really good for, and most of us can’t sing, but underneath that vile, disgusting, crusty exterior we’re a bunch of softies.

I’m not gonna name names, but I came across a group of VO guys a few weeks ago that knew about a local engineer that was down on his luck, including some health issues.  These guys all agreed to chip in one session fee a week to help the guy out.  In one month, they paid off his delinquent medical bills AND his utility bills.

I know these guys.  They’re all a bunch of Starlings.  And I love every one of them.

Oh!  Gotta run.  Here comes the neighbor’s dog that’s so friendly he would lick a snarling cat.  This oughta be fun!