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Published December 27, 2012

Wow! What a whirlwind end to 2012!

First, my wife fell (while decorating for Christmas) and broke her leg in 3 places. A few days later, my father passed away while recovering from surgery. So, the day I got my wife home from the hospital, I flew to Virginia to bury my Dad. I got back home 2 days before Christmas.

The good news is that Marcia is on the mend. She has to stay off her leg for 2 months, then another month of intense physical therapy and the dishes will finally get done.

OK, maybe some of the household chores are getting done in the meantime.

I must tell you that I have no idea how anyone can get through something like this without a trusting, abiding faith in God.

On Christmas morning my son, Eric, presented me with the initial plans for a 501-c-3 (non-profit) corporation to honor the work my Dad spent his life doing in Central America. What an overwhelming, challenging, stimulating opportunity! I’ll tell you more about it in days to come.

Yesterday, December 26th, was my first day back in the studio.

There was something comforting about the scattered papers, the dirty coffee cup, the half bottle of water in the recording booth, the blinking light of the printer telling me that I needed to replace the toner; and most of all, the scores of emails and voicemails of clients/friends with words of hope and encouragement.

What an amazing business I’m in! I’ve never physically met 99% of my clients, yet every one somehow shared my storm. What an incredible statement about small business America! We are a network of real people; passionate about what we do, but compassionate about our fellow. Humbling and reassuring!

Thank you for your care. Your calls and notes of concern have been such an encouragement and inspiration.

And right now, if I heard that you had the flu, I would want to jump in the car and bring you some hot chicken soup!

That’s what family does.