Dan Hurst - Voice Talent

Voiceovers In English or Spanish for commercials, narrations, Radio/TV Promos



Voiceovers by Dan Hurst in English or Spanish for commercials, narrations, and e-learning.


There are two things I love about Dan Hurst.

First is his amazing voice range. He never fails to deliver the exact voice style that we need.

The second thing is that if we need him in L.A. or N.Y. or wherever, he'll jump on a plane and meet us!  We can depend on him!

ADAM Crosby


From birds to Thunderbird's... that voice can sell EVERYTHING!!!


Turbo Marketing

If you have not already worked with Dan Hurst in your bilingual marketing plans, I would like to introduce you to him. Cutting through all the usual “motherhood and apple pie” about him being professional and talented, I would like to emphasize his self-motivated nature. He is a born communicator, meaning that it’s not only about talking, but about sharing thoughts and feelings in two directions. With apologies to the folkloric notion of a cat landing on its feet regardless of how it falls, so too Dan will always land “on message”. He has the inner drive to find the message, wrap it up and deliver it with the flourish, or tact, called for. His flawless transition between English and Spanish is about more than knowing two spoken word systems, it is about understanding the deeper sensibilities that are the foundation of a language. That’s something that money can’t buy, and Dan adds that God given bonus for free.

Eric Lehner

Winning Brands

Dan is a true professional. His diction, timber and styling will save 99% of the mundane, poorly written, often unintelligible copy that is shoved in front of him. I would know, I’ve called Dan to save my miserable copy for years. I overheard someone say, “… well if Dan Hurst isn’t available, get me someone that sounds like Dan Hurst.” That in my eyes is a true compliment.



At Elite Language Productions, we pride ourselves in the quality of our video and audio production work. Clients are continuously requesting the localization of their existing video and audio materials to gain a competitive edge in the international arena. Not surprisingly, Spanish is the language with the highest demand when our clients wish to sell their products to Spanish speakers here in the U.S. or abroad, and we have always relied on Dan Hurst to complete the task. Dan’s talented voice, versatility, and fluency in Spanish and English guarantee that our clients receive the best and most professional delivery in any project in which he is involved. In addition, his knowledge, experience, and familiarity with Hispanic culture adds the sensitivity needed to achieve the finest product possible for this ever increasing market. Invariably, our clients have been 100% satisfied and delighted with the final product and we attribute these results to Dan. Undoubtedly, whether he says it in Spanish or in English, Dan Hurst is simply the best.

Arleen Sola

Elite Language Productions

I’ve worked with several Spanish voice over talent for broadcast to Latin America at Fox Sports International, and what I found in Daniel Eduardo (aka Dan Hurst) is that he was not only flexible with the scripted translation, but he also provided valuable feedback based on the target audience. We were able to make adjustments during the recording session and, ultimately, enhance the overall video experience. Dan’s bilingual abilities are invaluable. I would recommend using his talents for any projects that require both English and Spanish communication.

Gracie Cardenas

Fahrenheit Media

The one thing I know about Dan Hurst is that he is the definition of professional. We have submitted projects to him that were unknowingly poorly written and poorly translated, and he took the time to help us say it right. He never complained, and he never took a shot at the writers and translators in question. I love the fact that he works quickly and efficiently. And I know the project is done right when he says “I’d put my name on it!”

Michael Bowes

Projects On Hold

What a voice and what a guy! It doesn’t matter when I need him; Dan is always ready to get the job done. And when it’s done, it’s always right.

Dave Hoffmann

Audio Architects

I love working with Dan! He’s very professional, always on time to a session, and willing to work within a variety of budget constraints. Not to mention he’s got a dynamite voice!

Denise Cunningham

Wheatland Productions

Dan Hurst is a consummate professional and terrific talent. Easy to work with, a wonderful attitude and a resource that will always go the extra mile for a client’s needs. He is a real throw-back to the days when people understood and practiced the meaning of “relationship”.



Besides having a major market voice, Dan is very studio savvy. Clients really appreciate his creative input.

Chuck Chapman

Chapman Recording Studio